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Rein Maker Ranch’s NRHA Professional Reining Trainer, Daniela Picciotti has earned NRHA Championships at the Local, State, Regional and National levels.

  • Her training program is designed to allow the horses to be challenged to their potential, to perform at their best and to provide the best care for the horse. They become willing, supple and eager to perform under Daniela’s program, giving you the best ride and best performance possible.
  • She gives confidence to her clients through her commitment to providing them with the tools they need to understand timing, feel, and proper execution of the reining maneuvers.
  • But her most valued assets are her honesty and transparency. She believes that training is more than just teaching the horse reining maneuvers, she places an emphasis on true horsemanship and her horses receive reining training for longevity in and out of the show pen.

Training Board

Our well-balanced, custom training program includes proper diet and care that drastically improves results in the show pen and protects the value of your horse.


A successful reining career begins with commitment to the process. Regular lessons improve your ability to perform, understand your horse and improve your success potential.

Professional Reiner

Have a horse you'd like to have shown at NRHA events? Find out why Daniela is an excellent choice for you and your horse (Aged Events Only)

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Our Mission

To Provide A Top Quality, Exciting Experience To Our Clients

We're passionate about Reining! By treating our reining horses and clients with integrity, honesty, and respect, we strive to make the welfare of the horse, rider, and The Reining Industry our highest priority.

We focus on the individual needs of each reining horse and rider, delivering a program for their success.

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