Learn Reining in Florida

Learn Reining in Florida

Here’s How
Can Learn Reining in Florida!

Get started in Reining with a Reining Lesson by NRHA Professonal Reining Trainer, Daniela Picciotti! She’s one of the most enthusiastic Reining Trainers in Florida. Her passion for teaching the sport of Reining gives you a 5 star experience….GUARANTEED.

Rein Maker Ranch is located in Palm Beach County, Loxahatchee Groves, Florida. With top quality reining lesson horses you get the best possible experience from your reining lesson.  Each of our reining horses have been fully trained in all reining maneuvers. This means, you’re getting a high quality experience at your very first reining lesson!

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced Reiner, Daniela helps you discover your true potential for the sport of Reining. Our clients range in age from 8 years old to 75 years young.  

There’s never been a better time to Learn Reining in Florida!


Beginners…Here’s what you get from your first Reining lesson:

First, one of our reining lesson horses will be selected for you based on your experience level.
The reining horse is tacked up and ready for you to ride when you arrive for your reining lesson.
Once mounted on your horse, you begin with the basics of riding with walking, jogging and possibly loping. (Reining maneuvers are taught to you based on your ability, experience and comfort level at your first reining lesson)
Daniela guides you through how to use your body to ask the horse to move through the Reining process. Horses respond to “queues” such as moving the reins, using your legs and body positioning. This is a vital foundation for all Reiners to learn for success in and out of the show pen.
Last but not least, we always fit in the SPIN! As long as you’re comfortable and ready, we teach you how to execute your first SPIN! Everyone gets huge excitement out of doing their very first Reining Spin.


Experienced Reiners:

First, Daniela goes over your current skill level with you to determine the areas you’re looking to improve in.
Then she’ll begin by evaluating your positioning, how you queue your horse and how you execute reining maneuvers.
Throughout your lesson, you will be given specific instruction on how to improve your maneuvers, score higher and reduce penalties while showing.
If you bring your own reining horse, Daniela will also evaluate where your reiner is at in the training process. She will help you pinpoint where your reiner may benefit and improve with training….and she’s one of the only Reining Trainers in Florida who’s located in Palm Beach County.

Answers To Most Commonly Asked Questions About Reining Lessons in Florida

Why should I choose Rein Maker Ranch?

In one word, SUCCESS. At Rein Maker Ranch, we define success like this:

  • Success is riding for the very first time and falling in love with it
  • Success is doing your first sliding stop and grinning from ear to ear
  • Success is executing your first Reining pattern and feeling accomplished
  • Success is showing up to the barn and forgetting the stress and troubles of your day
  • Success is being a part of a fun, friendly and passionate team of riders & trainers
  • Success is loving the horses and having others around you who feel the same way
  • Success is continually pursuing your dreams and goals and not letting anything stop you
  • Success is working towards the win, and remaining passionate about the process it takes to get there

Looking for success? Rein Maker Ranch provides you with all the tools, support and coaching you need to achieve YOUR success!

I’ve never ridden a horse before, do you teach beginners Reining?

YES! Rein Maker Ranch has a reining lessons for beginners. In fact, Reining is perfect for those who want to get started in horseback riding. Reining horses are very well trained and are taught to be very patient with beginners. Learning Reining as your first equine discipline will set you up for success in any equine discipline you choose in the future (although, you’ll likely fall in love with Reining from the start).

I’m already riding in another discipline, can I benefit from learning Reining also?

YES! If you ride Jumpers, Hunters, Barrel Racing, Western Pleasure or any equine discipline, you will benefit from Reining lessons. Simply put, Reining fundamentals are all about learning how to “move” each body part of your horse to achieve a desired response. These fundamentals are keys to success in every single equine discipline and will enhance your ability to control your horse with ease. Reining teaches you to actively problem solve while you’re riding and showing, so you can become a better rider and a better horseman.

Do you have a Reining Show Program?

YES! If you’re looking for a great Reining Show Program, Rein Maker Ranch provides lessons, training and coaching for the show pen. Rein Maker Ranch’s show program includes, preparing your horse for the show pen with a custom training schedule to keep your horse show ready. We also prepare our riders for the Reining Shows with lesson packages to fit your goals. Whether you’re showing in the Green & Rookie or you’re a Non Pro or Open Rider desiring a coach that will help you achieve your goals, Rein Maker Ranch and Daniela Picciotti support you in your dream every step of the way!

Rein Maker Ranch attends and competes at all SFRHA and FRHA shows, as well as NRHA Regional Affiliate Qualifiers, National Affiliate Championship, NRHA Futurity, several NRHA Derby Shows throughout the U.S. and many, more!

Do you provide Reining Training for Horses?

YES! Rein Maker Ranch and NRHA Professional Trainer, Daniela Picciotti provides reining training for your horse. Our horse training program is tailored to your horse’s needs and your goals for your horse. Whether you have a great Reining Horse, and want to keep it in training for shows or you have a horse with specific training needs, Daniela Picciotti’s Reining training program is successful and rewarding. Give us a call and we’ll be happy to tell you more about options that will fit your needs and goals.

What if my horse isn’t a Reiner, can you still provide training for my horse?

YES! Every horse for every equine discipline will benefit from Reining Training Fundamentals. Reining training teaches the horse to become more supple, willingly guided and proves to be an effective enhancement and foundation for all horses. Daniela Picciotti’s program WORKS! She carefully designs a training program to help you achieve your goals for your horse. She’s successfully trained many horses at all levels and disciplines. And…she’s one of only a few Reining Trainers in Florida located in Palm Beach County!

Do you provide horse boarding?

YES! We provide boarding for horses that are in training at Rein Maker Ranch with Daniela Picciotti. Board includes use of our custom reining arena, round pen, a beautiful stall in our CBS barn equipped with stall mattresses (better than regular stall mats), premium feed & grain, premium hypoallergenic shavings, grooming, turnouts, supplements & meds (as needed & provided), farrier scheduling, vet coordination (as needed), stall cleaning, high quality automatic waterers, blanketing (when needed), and much, much more! 24 hour staff on property to ensure the safety and happiness of your equine partner.